Member Reinstatement Information

For members that have resigned or cancelled their licence or registration, you may apply to have your membership reinstated at any time. Reinstatement will be governed by the legislation, bylaws and policies in place at the time your application is received.

The current process for most applicants requesting reinstatement within three years of resignation is to complete the necessary application form (Dentist Change of Category or Reinstatement Application form) and providing the appropriate documentation and reinstatement fee. A review of the documents, your continuing education record and CPR status will be performed. If you meet the requirements, your application will be approved and payment of the required licence fees will see you reinstated.  You will be provided with a Certificate of Registration signed by the Registrar.

Members are required to complete a new registration application (Dentist Initial Application form) and submit the necessary documentation if they are requesting reinstatement after:

  1. three years;
  2. voluntarily surrendered to a complaints committee under the terms of section 25 and 25.2 of The Dental Association Act;
  3. failed to comply with a decision of the Peer Review Committee including failing to attend to be cautioned;
  4. resigning with restrictions, limitations or conditions on their licence; or
  5. previously refused reinstatement.

Circumstances will determine the competency evaluation requirements that must be met prior to registration. The costs of any evaluation or assessment are the sole responsibility of the applicant. These costs can be substantial.

Applicants in default of any payment to the MDA shall not be considered for reinstatement or registration unless the applicant pays the prescribed fees and any penalties owed.

Appeal of Registration, Renewal or Reinstatement Decision Policy

An unfavourable decision on an application and reasons for that decision will be provided in writing by the Registrar. 

An applicant who receives an unfavourable decision may appeal that decision to the MDA Board of Directors. Details of the appeal process will be included in the letter from the Registrar. Please contact the MDA for more information on the appeal process.