Registration Package for Charitable Purpose

Only applicants limiting their dental services to charitable purposes where no fee for services will be collected by the licensed member and who would otherwise be eligible to be registered in the General Practitioner or Dental Specialist category are eligible for registration in the Charitable Purpose category. The complete requirements for successful registration in this category are available in the Bylaw for Registration and Licensure of Dentists and this package.

Relevant Forms and Documents

  1. Checklist for Registration in the Charitable Purpose Category
  2. Instructional Guide for Completing Dentist Registration Application Form
  3. Dentist Initial Registration Application Form
  4. Certificate of Standing for other Health Professions and Jurisdictions
  5. Consent to Release Regulatory Information Form
  6. Consent to Release Third Party Assessment Information Form (NDEB)
  7. Consent to Release Third Party Assessment Information Form (RCDC)
  8. Consent to Release Health Information Form
  9. Declaration of Commitment to Ethical Practice and the Public Interest