Dental Task Force on Truth and Reconciliation

The MDA created the Dental Task Force on Truth and Reconciliation in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action related to health and business.

Our goal is to create practical, actionable plans to ensure Indigenous people have the same access, quality of care and high standard of oral health, as well as to provide greater opportunities to participate in our profession.

This is a critical step in improving our relationships with Indigenous communities, lifting industry standards, and recruiting and retaining Indigenous staff. This is our duty not just to our profession, but as Canadians seeking to move our profession forward together.

This is part of our country’s reconciliation journey – our part. 


Seeking Volunteers

We invite all interested MDA members to join the Dental Task Force on Truth and Reconciliation, which will also include Indigenous leaders and MDA leadership, to help us develop a plan that is applicable, practical and actionable. 

We are particularly seeking MDA members who represent the following groups:

  • Indigenous dentists: For their first-hand knowledge of the challenges and obstacles preventing more Indigenous professionals from entering our field.
  • Indigenous dental specialists: For their personal and direct insights on why patients come for treatment or seek employment in the profession.
  • Indigenous dental assistants: For their key role in providing patient care and insight on pathways to a career in this area.
  • Indigenous dental hygienists: For their role in providing patient care and their perspectives on recruitment and retention.

If you are a member or know a member who is interested in being part of the Dental Task Force on Truth and Reconciliation, please complete this form.