Update from the President

Monday, May 2, 2022


Dear Member Dentists & Registered Dental Assistants,

We remind the membership of our commitment to protecting both patients treated in dental offices and dental teams that provide the care. COVID remains in the community, and segments of the public that attends for dental treatment remain vulnerable. Oral healthcare providers need to remain diligent in applying infection prevention and control practises. 

The MDA Board met on April 21st, 2022 to assess the risk to the public and our membership. COVID-19 case numbers continue to be of some concern in Manitoba and hospitalizations are still at increased rates. The MDA Pathway and Interim IPC Guidance for Patient Care During the COVID-19 Response document has been proven to achieve a dependable level of protection and to control virus spread. Therefore, the guidance will remain in effect until further notice. Self screening for staff and screening for patients for symptoms and exposure will continue. Mask wear will continue to be required by anyone present in the dental offices. The guidance required minor edits which can be reviewed by clicking the link above. The MDA may adjust this guidance as the situation and safety needs warrant.

Thank you to our membership for your continued efforts in maintaining safety and providing access to care to Manitobans through this pandemic.


Dr. Thomas S. Colina
President and Board Chair
[email protected]