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Dental Corporations

Initial Permit Application

STEP 1: Request for Consent to Incorporate
Begin by choosing the name for your corporation. It is a requirement under The Dental Association Act, that the corporation name includes the words Dental Corporation. The applicant or his/her representative/lawyer/accountant is required to obtain a name reservation from the Corporation's Branch of Manitoba and forward a written request for consent to incorporate, along with a copy of the Name Reservation issued by the Corporations Branch indicating the name is available and reserved for 90 days.

STEP 2: Certificate of Status
Once you have obtained consent to incorporate, the Corporations Branch will issue you an Original Certificate of Status. You must now obtain from MDA a permit to practise dentistry as a corporation in Manitoba.

STEP 3: Application to Incorporate
The applicant or his/her legal representative must deliver the following documents completed correctly to MDA in order to obtain a permit to practise dentistry in Manitoba:

a) Dental Corporation Initial Permit Application Form
b) A Certified/notarized copy of the Articles of Incorporation
c) An original Certificate of Status issued by the Manitoba Corporation Branch
d) Cheque(s) totaling $600 ($350 for registration and $250 for annual permit) (2019)
e) Proof of Malpractice Insurance coverage for your corporation in the amount of not less than $3 million from CDSPI.