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President's Message

Welcome to the Manitoba Dental Association (MDA) website. Here the public will find information detailing how Manitoba dentists are committed to serving you. Dentistry in Manitoba is regulated through provincial legislation, The Dental Association Act, to ensure the provision of safe, ethically responsible oral health care for all Manitobans. Our most important role is protection of the public interest; we take that job very seriously.

The MDA is the legislative self-governing body for the profession of dentistry and dental assisting in Manitoba. The MDA also provides services to our members when it does not interfere with our role as a regulator. We work to provide our members with the resources and support available to ensure a healthy practice environment to be best able to serve the public. Within this site, both dentist and dental assistant members will find access to a variety of information to help them practise safely and within the legal parameters governing our profession.

The MDA actively participates in many aspects of organized dentistry within Canada to assist us in fulfilling our mandate. We are an organization run by volunteers who serve to advocate for the dental health needs of Manitobans and the safe provision of dental care within the province, as well as on a national stage. Here at home, we are committed to working with the University of Manitoba's College of Dentistry, to engage their students during their training program and facilitate their transition to licensed professionals within the province upon their graduation. In fact, Manitoba dentists have worked together to establish a Mentorship Program with the students of the College of Dentistry; this program has developed over the past several years to become a useful model to guide our colleagues across Canada. It is the MDA's belief that by creating these relationships, we can begin to foster an environment of wellbeing amongst our members and create a positive practice environment that supports the best possible delivery of care.

There are many resources for patients on our site as well. From the History of Dentistry in Manitoba to our Governing Legislation, the policy and procedures of our Association are available for your review. You will also find access to standard dental claim forms, information on dental treatment and prevention of disease, and instructional videos as well as some advice on how to take care of your oral health.

I hope that you find our website to be useful when inquiring about your oral health. If you have further questions that aren't adequately addressed by the site, please give us a call or send us an email—we are here to help!

Wishing you all the Best,

Dr. Cory B. Sul
President, Manitoba Dental Association