The first dentist to enter Manitoba was Dr. J.L. Benson in 1877.  By 1883 it became evident that there was a need to protect the health and welfare of the public and guard the ideals of the profession.  Fifteen dentists in the Province saw to the passing of the first Dental Act on July 7, 1883.  The first registration fee was $100.00.

Since then there have been 95 presidents. Seventy-six of them served a one year term, the others served for at least two years and one served for nine years.

In those early days the primary function of the Board was to serve as examiners for licensing exams.  Records indicate that Dr. M. Harry Garvin was first licensed on July 18, 1903. He retired in 1965 after an illustrious career in dentistry, including being the CDA Journal Editor.

In 1903, rail fares were too costly for members to attend the Annual Meeting to elect the Board so in that year in election by ballot system was implemented.

In 1912, after years of attempting to establish a Dental Faculty, a motion was passed that the matter of becoming connected with the University by forming a Faculty be left in abeyance.  In 1957, forty-five years later the necessary details were completed to establish a Faculty of Dentistry.

By 1923, the Board was no longer involved in indentureship or license exams as most applicants had their Dominion Dental Councils.

The Board’s challenge was in trying to regulate its present members.

In 1926 members at the Annual Meeting passed a motion to give financial support to the Alberta Dental Association to defend a proposed appeal by a individual who was going to the Privy Council of Great Britain because he claimed he did not need a dental license to make and insert artificial dentures.