Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2022-2023

President: Dr. Scott Leckie

Vice-President: Dr. Daron Baxter

Past President: Dr. Thomas Colina

District 1 Reps

Dr. Jeff Hein

Dr. Rodrigo Cunha

Dr. Thomas Colina

Dr. Scott Leckie

District 2 Rep

Dr. Alex Pappas

District 3 Rep

Dr. Daron Baxter

Public Representatives appointed by the Province of Manitoba

Mr. James Carvell

Ms. Ashley Holtmann

Ms. Andrea Thiessen

Registered Dental Assistant Rep

Ms. Janet Neduzak

MDA Officers (non-voting)

Mr. Rafi Mohammed, Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Arun Misra, Registrar

Ex-Officio Officers (non-voting)

Ms. Linda Berg, Director of Regulatory Programs

Mr. Greg Guenther, Director of Member Services and Public Events

Dr. Marc Mollot, Canadian Dental Association - MDA Representative

Dr. Anastasia Cholakis - College of Dentistry, University of Manitoba