Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2024-2025

President: Dr. Daron Baxter

Vice-President: Dr. Jeff Hein

Past President: Dr. Scott Leckie

District 1 Reps

Dr. Rodrigo Cunha

Dr. Jeff Hein

Dr. Scott Leckie

Dr. Kelly Regula

Dr. Huma Sharief

District 2 Rep

Dr. Alex Pappas

District 3 Rep

Dr. Daron Baxter

Public Representatives appointed by the Province of Manitoba

Ms. Ashley Holtmann

Ms. Andrea Thiessen

Registered Dental Assistant Rep

Ms. Janet Neduzak

MDA Officers (non-voting)

Mr. Rafi Mohammed, Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Arun Misra, Registrar

Ex-Officio Officers (non-voting)

Ms. Linda Berg, Director of Regulatory Programs

Mr. Greg Guenther, Director of Member Services and Public Events

Dr. Marc Mollot, Canadian Dental Association - MDA Representative

Dr. Anastasia Cholakis - College of Dentistry, University of Manitoba