President's Message

Message from the President Dr. Tom Colina


The Manitoba Dental Association Act gives the MDA and the dentists of Manitoba the responsibility to regulate dentistry in Manitoba in the public interest. The professions of dental assisting and dentistry have been granted the privilege of self-regulation by the people of Manitoba through this act. By direct election by over 760 dentists, more than 1400 dental assistants or appointed from those elected by 1.4 million Manitobans, the Board is tasked by this legislation to govern, determine, control and administer the affairs of the Manitoba Dental Association.


To help better serve the public and our members to help support that mandate of public protection a new website has been designed. New features include; Online CE self-reporting portal to ease CE submission and monitoring for both dentist and dental assistant members. Eventually online license renewal and payment will be instituted.  As well, the new member side of the website will have access to more resources on a variety of topics of interest as well as the ability to access payment histories.


Be assured the board of the MDA will continue its oversight of the activities of the Association and ensure that all aspects of those activities are directed at protecting the public because as our mission statement highlights, what is good for the public is good for the profession.


As always, I am available at [email protected]