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e-Alert     June 19, 2020

Update from the President                                                               June 19, 2020

Dear Members,

In anticipation of the Province of Manitoba releasing Phase 3 of Restoring Safe Services I would like to remind members of the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious as we return to our practises.

At this time, Manitoba may be a safe place to be as it relates to COVID-19. This is an enviable position; however, it cannot be taken for granted. As we further ease restrictions and public health measures a resurgence is possible, either in isolated pockets or through the general community. Furthermore, a second wave should be anticipated. We should use this time wisely to continue to prepare our practises and our teams for what may lie ahead. COVID-19 is not yet behind us.

As with any health care providers, Oral Health Teams may carry some risk of exposure to COVID-19. In addition to continued careful adherence to our enhanced Infection and Prevention Control standards and careful use of PPE, maintaining administrative workplace controls is of great importance. A robust screening process for both team members and patients that includes using the Shared Health Screening Tool is important. Team members and patients who do not pass any aspect of the screening process should be directed to act appropriately according to that resource. Anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately be sent home to self-isolate and contact Health Links/Info Santé. Team members should not return to work until cleared.

The Shared Health Screening Tool is updated frequently based on the most up to date public health information in Manitoba. Click here to run through the tool – please be completely familiar with it.   Click here to run through the tool – please be completely familiar with it. 

Recently we made an inquiry to Public Health to seek clarification in the event that a team member in a private dental clinic be tested to be COVID-19 positive. They advised us that the team member would be directed to immediately self-isolate and a contact tracing would be completed by Public Health to determine the level of exposure. Public health would work with the clinic to provide further guidance and determine if close contacts may be required to self-isolate. Depending upon the level of exposure, additional measures may be advised such as environmental cleaning or a general advisory to others in the facility for self-monitoring. If physical distancing and PPE use are in place, further measures may not be required.

While in our workplaces, it is important to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from others except for brief exchanges. Ensure that appropriate PPE is worn at all times, especially when that physical distance can not be maintained strictly. Carefully control workplace spaces such as waiting areas, lunchrooms and bathrooms. These, in addition to other administrative controls outlined in our pathway document are proving to be factors in limiting potential spread of the virus.  

MDA Pathway Document CLICK HERE

Thank-you again for your hard work and support in carefully managing Manitobans' dental needs during the COVID-19 response.

Kind Regards,

Marc Mollot, B.Sc, DMD
President & Chairman of the Board
Manitoba Dental Association

Province of Manitoba Phase 3 Restoring Safe Services-  CLICK HERE

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Shared Health Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool