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President’s Message
How is it possible that we have made it to December already???
It feels as though I have just gotten used to writing “2017” in all my chart notes; I feel ill prepared to switch to “2018” in the near future. But time waits for no man—and here I am writing my last president’s Message for  e Bulletin.
 e mandate of the MDA has always been Protection of the
Public. To that end, everything we do as a Board is guided by  e Dental Association Act of Manitoba. As such, this year has found me carrying around dog-eared copies of  e Act and a variety of by-laws on my person.  ese documents have become my go-to references on a regular basis, I must admit! My highlighted and annotated copies are regularly pulled out of my bag and have served to guide me in decision-making at many a President’s Meeting and beyond. I have developed a rather comfortable understanding of these documents a er hours of review and discussion with other members of the Board.  ere was a steep learning curve associated with familiarizing myself with this legislation! In particular, I want to thank my Executive (Drs. Carla Cohn and Cory Sul) for sticking with me through the thick and thin of all-things-governance. I may have spent more hours with these two than with my own family this year, and I couldn’t think of two better people to consult with.  anks go to you both for always having my back. I trust you know that I will always have yours...
 e past few months have continued to be busy ones at the o ces
of the Manitoba Dental Association. Your MDA Executive has continued to meet regularly to discuss issues of importance as they arise. We have recently solicited applications for the position of Registrar from across Canada and have completed the interview process for this position. Once the Board has approved a successful candidate, we will be introducing you to the new Registrar of the MDA.  e dentists of Manitoba should know that great attention to detail was paid to development of a job description and criteria by which candidates were selected for this important position. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Search Committee for their e orts in this important task. Drs. Marcel Van Woensel and Patti Ling each deserve a round of applause for all of their work in their capacity as Registrar. Our next Registrar will have very high standards to meet based on both of your performances.
Recently, I have been fortunate to represent the MDA at several events within Manitoba and beyond. Patti Ling and I traveled to Calgary in September, where we were invited to attend as observers to the AGM of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.  is was coupled with an invitation to their annual graduation ceremonies, where the most recent graduates of Canadian dental specialty programs were celebrated at a gathering of family, friends, and colleagues from across our nation. I’m sure the Manitoba grads could hear Patti and I cheering them on from the crowds of celebrants!
October found me in Ottawa, where I was attending the annual meeting of the National Dental Examining Board. Manitobans are well represented among this group.  is organization is a  nely tuned machine with its members dedicated to establishing and maintaining a national standard of competence for dentists in
Canada.  e NDEB of Canada is a model of excellence to which many national organizations around the globe look for guidance
in running their own organizations. Congratulations to the many Manitobans who have been invited to participate in question writing workshops, and to those who are examiners, invigilators, and board members.  ank you for your service!
I was pleased to attend the University of Manitoba’s College of Dentistry Annual Awards evening, also in October. Mr. Ra  “I never sleep” Mohammed and I were both present in the audience and applauded the many students from both dentistry and dental hygiene as they were recognized by the University for their hard work and many achievements. As an added bonus, I was happy
to  nd Mr. Ross McIntyre seated beside me throughout the ceremonies! Upon greeting me, he assured me he was “never better”, and has been enjoying retirement life immensely... It was a lovely evening in all.
You should know that Ms. Pamela McFarlane, our Director of Member and Public Relations, is continually hard at work from both her o ce as well as out in our communities, promoting the message of oral health throughout Manitoba via a variety of platforms.
 is woman’s talents know no limits. My husband and I recently attended an evening of recognition for Siloam Mission, where we were seated at a table with Pamela. I remain  rmly convinced that she knows 98% of our province’s population, as she seemed to greet everyone around us with a smile and proceeded to introduce me to each person with a story of how they knew each other.  anks go to Pamela for her photo-journaling of dentistry in Manitoba, amongst all her other duties. Pamela, you are a great asset to our organization, and I admire you immensely.
Speaking of assets to our organization, I must recognize Ms. Linda Berg (Director of Facility Assessments and Continuing competency) at this time. She embodies the spirit of tenacity as she continues
to guide her team through the process of O ce Assessments throughout our communities. Her tireless e orts never cease to amaze me. It’s a wonder that she still has energy le  over to so pleasantly  eld calls from our members, gently pointing them in the right direction when they are seeking information on any variety of issues. Great thanks also go out to Linda and Dr. Mark Nepon, who have been hard at work implementing our CE Scan Card system. Your continued patience is appreciated as we roll out this new system!
Looking ahead, I’d like to remind you that January is right around the corner, and you all know what that means: our Annual Convention awaits... On January 26 & 27, 2018; It’s All About
the Team! Join your friends and colleagues as we celebrate the
dental team. Convention Chair Dr. Pat Kmet and her committee have organized an abundance of talent for the educational line up, including both home grown and international speakers.  ere will be many opportunities to check out new technologies and tools at the Trade Show, and lots of time to socialize between the CE sessions or at one of the many planned social events. But pace yourself:
you’ll want to get together with your team and attend the “grand  nale”: the President’s Gala, where you will be wined and dined and

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