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President’s Message
As 2016 draws to an end and we begin a new year, I  nd myself in the bittersweet position of writing my last column for the MDA Bulletin. True to the word of those MDA Presidents who have come before me, this year has passed in the blink of an eye. I have attended many, many meetings, reviewed and revised innumerable documents, received and responded to a multitude of emails and phone calls, appeared at several events, and represented Manitoba Dentists to the best of my ability. It truly has been a whirlwind of activity. Dentistry is currently structured with the Manitoba Dental Association performing two major functions:
(1) protection of the public, and (2) advancement of the interest of the members. In order to ful ll these two functions a great many details must be accomplished. From by-laws to government relations, fairness and human rights requirements, Manitoba Dental Foundation activities, annual convention planning, involvement with our Dental College and a multitude of community interest collaborations, the work is constant. I have come to realize this past year just how many issues are brought forward to the Manitoba Dental Association for input and action and how much e ort is made to ful ll our obligations.  e MDA executive and the board are a diverse and dedicated group who have been very supportive throughout my year as President and
I thank you as you are “super-volunteers” sitting not only on the board but many committees and task forces as well. I have had the pleasure to work with many of our membership on committees and side by side at events, and I am truly impressed by the dedication of all of you and grateful for your involvement. I can appreciate that we all have busy lives, however the satisfaction of giving back to our community and the collegiality is unmeasurable.
In the last quarter of the year, Manitoba Dental Association held Open Wide with the partnership of the College of Dentistry and the Faculty of Dental Hygiene. Our dental community came together to provide a day of pro-bono dentistry to recent immigrants to Manitoba.  e event was co-chaired by Dr. Jerry Baluta and Dr. Tom Colina who organized a huge gathering of dental professionals and support sta .  e day was a great
success and many people, mostly children, were taken care of at the College of Dentistry Clinic. It was a very satisfying experience. A heartfelt thank you to all who organized, volunteered, donated and participated.
In November, the MDA held an evening at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Era Bistro to thank our volunteers. Our
organization would not run without the commitment of our volunteers. We have more than two dozen committees within the MDA and hundreds of you volunteer your time to work these committees and the events that we put on. For those of you who already volunteer, you do so because of your dedication to the cause, to give back to the community with the added bene t to enrich your professional and personal lives. We appreciate your work and thank you for your time and expertise.
Our 133rd annual meeting and convention is upon us.  is year’s theme of Dentistry and All that Jazz is a fun musical journey with an educational line up that cannot be beat.  e convention under guidance of chair, Dr. Pat Kmet, is a highlight of the year. A time to gain some knowledge, catch up with old friends, and enjoy the collegiality of our community.
I am pleased to be able to formally recognize and thank the excellent people at the Manitoba Dental Association o ces.  ese folks make up the motherboard of our group. Our executive director, Ra  Mohammed is always calm, cool and collected. He
is an encyclopedia of dental association information and is always willing and able to help guide the executive and membership e ortlessly. Marcel van Woensel, our registrar, is our regulatory wizard. He is well educated, well versed and well spoken. Patti Ling is our deputy registrar and has the delicate task of receiving and responding to patient and community complaints and concerns. She is both diplomatic and patient. Pamela McFarlane our director of member and public relations, who joined us just over a year ago, wears many hats. She is always prepared with a suggestion or solution to any situation. Linda Berg, our Director of Facility Assessments and Continuing Competency, is busy making sure that our o ces meet acceptable standards and our continuing education is up to date. She always has a smile on our face and is delightful to work with. Our administrative sta , Cheryl Du y, Registration, Licensing and Dental Incorporations; Sarah Harvey, Peer Review and Licensing Support Services; and Diane McDonald, general secretary are all incredibly e cient and simply are the nicest people that you can meet. It has been a pleasure
to work with everyone at the MDA o ce throughout the year. I thank you for your work, your patience and your kindness.
To our membership, thank you for this opportunity to act as President of the Manitoba Dental Association. I have learned so much and have gained much more than I have given.  is has been an outstanding year. Keep smiling.

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