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President’s Message
Winter is upon us and the Jets are winning. I have dusted off my skis and snowshoes and I am ready to embrace a whole new season of activities.
Your Manitoba Dental Association has been very busy the past few months. I would like to first of all thank Ms. Londa Hiebert for her service as she leaves the MDA Board having represented the Manitoba Dental Assistants Association. I found Londa to be very engaging as she thoughtfully brought forward the concerns of the MDAA.
The Canadian Dental Regulatory Association Federation held it’s Board Meeting on October 17. This organization was created 10 years ago for provincial regulators to meet and discuss common evolving regulatory issues. It was also formed to help create a national voice in speaking with governments on a collective front. Although regulation of dentistry is under provincial jurisdiction, there is great deal of commonality across Canada and therefore a need for regulators to have the ability to share information. At this meeting the CDRAF has agreed to move forward under the presidency of Dr. Brian Rinehart from New Brunswick with a more simplistic and cost effective governance model. The CDRAF Executive Committee is comprised of Dr. Brian Rinehart, Dr. Frank Hohn from Saskatchewan and Dr. Bob Coles from British Columbia. Mr. Irwin Fefergrad of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario has agreed to stay on as Executive Director during this transition. Going forward with the CDRAF’s role of protecting the public, one of CDRAF’s main focuses will be monitoring the proposed European Union Free Trade Agreement and it’s ramifications on labour mobility.
The Canadian Dental Association’s Presidents and CEO
meeting was held October 3rd, 2014. Dr. Paul Allison, Dean Faculty of Dentistry - McGill University, presented the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Access to Care Report that he co-authored. The intent of his presentation was to have an informational discussion on the causes and possible solutions to an ongoing issue for the adequate delivery of dental services for all populations in Canada.
It is hoped that this is a beginning step on a path to find long-term meaningful results.
The CDA’s Advocacy Committee met with Federal Health Minister, Rona Ambrose, during their annual “Days on the Hill” event in Ottawa. It was announced, at this time, that the Federal Government at the request of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) will conduct
a full review of the NIHB program. CDA has been asked for it’s input. This has resulted in the creation of a national task force to provide relevant information for AFN’s discussions with the Federal Government. Over the past several years there has been a good
deal of positive progress with this program. Irregardless, organized
dentistry should definitely assist AFN’s efforts in enhancing the administration and delivery of this program to help improve the well being and oral health of our First Nations population in Canada.
The Practice Ownership and Patient Care Discussion Group released it’s report on corporatization. It is interesting to note that a key finding in the report stated that any time in the past that external financing was involved in the delivery of health care; the protection of the patient’s interest was not placed first. Patient centered – care was at risk. This group has been asked by the CDA to continue it’s work in helping to educate dentists in Canada on the potential implications of selling a practice to an outside corporate entity or becoming an associate with these entities. This is about protecting the public; other jurisdictions that have failed to react have had disastrous consequences.....stay tuned.
Your Economics Committee has recommended a Fee Guide increase this year of 2.9%. This was based on a general inflationary increase of 2.4% and a 0.5% increase in staff wage and supplies.
This increase will apply to all Northern, Specialist and General Fee Guides. For your reference the Consumer Price Index for Manitoba is projected to increase 2.2% with the average wage and salaries to increase 2.3%. Additionally with the Household Disposable Income set to rise 4.3%, the Committee was comfortable bringing forth this recommendation. Please review the updated preamble to your guide and remember that this is merely a guide. No dentist receiving this schedule of services and fees is under any obligation to accept the fees itemized.
We recently met for the first time with dental consultants representing various insurance companies and government agencies in Manitoba. Overwhelmingly the message to our membership would be to provide complete, legible and accurate information. Far too often not enough information is provided when sending for preauthorization or it is in an illegible format. Appropriate radiographs should be sent that are also legible. A good rule of thumb would be to supply more information than less. With todays technology remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Please assist your dental consultants, they want to approve your submissions.
On October 23rd, 2014 the MDA hosted it’s biannual All Committee Chairs Event. This year’s event was held at La Grotta in Winnipeg with Ms. Tammy Hildebrand doing a fabulous job of organizing. The purpose for this event was to provide background information on the activities of various committees and for committee chairs to become familiar with one another for ease of alignment of their activities. Another event that Tammy organized was our Volunteer Appreciation Event. This time the event was held at the MDA offices. An exquisite evening was enjoyed by all. With 1

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