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Alumni of Distinction 2017 Recipient Dr. Jean Bodnar
1. What does the award represent for me?
It represents recognition of my sincere commitment to our profession by other alumni
who share my passion to strive
for continual improvements in knowledge, skills and delivery of care for the bene t of both dentists and the public we serve. I am both humbled and  attered to receive
this award, selected by fellow alumni who deem my contributions worthy to stand alongside esteemed prior recipients.
2. As an alumnus, what were the biggest lessons learned a er graduating from the university?
First...despite the comprehensive and solid education I received at the Dental Faculty here at U of M, I still had much to learn.  e magnitude of the responsibility to be both independently accountable for treatment I delivered to my patients while simultaneously continuing to learn of changing paradigms, new techniques and materials was at times rather daunting.
Second, that dentists are not naturally inclined to also be strong business managers. I was fortunate to associate with an ethical individual who taught me a great deal about the importance of managing both patients and our team members with fairness and respect.
3. Should there be a more signi cant link between your chosen faculty, the U of M and your profession? What would that look like for you?
 e relationship between the College and our profession is inextricable....It provides our associates, future practice owners, people who help elevate our level of service to the public, and generates new specialists and academics. College outreach programs deliver necessary care to populations of the province not otherwise serviced by the majority of practitioners. It
represents current concepts and new initiatives in both dentistry and dental hygiene. As such, it is a positive aspect of the future of the profession in Manitoba.
 e students in the College are supported in many ways. Just a few examples are awards and scholarships funded by Alumni, new dentist programs and mentorship supported by MDA members, as well as private practitioners sharing their knowledge and expertise as part-time instructors.
It is a collaborative e ort between the College and the profession that I hope will expand and strengthen as time goes on to ensure the continuation of a healthy academic program that garners respect across Canada.
4. As an active alumnus, what or whom has kept you in touch with the Faculty/school?
Relationships are the foundation of many successful initiatives and my work over the years has taken me into many diverse areas of the profession as a result of connections with colleagues. Friendships with those I respect and admire have kept me in touch with the College over the years as many have returned there to teach. Requests between us for advice, support, volunteerism and service have been a 2 way street and I am very grateful to have had opportunities to enjoy the myriad of di erent positions I have held over my 30 years in dentistry thus far. I hope it continues!
5. What are some of your future hopes and aspirations for graduates? And for the U of M?
I hope that graduates enjoy the vast opportunities available to them once they receive their dental degree and remain faithful to the professional, scienti c and clinical ideals they have been taught during their educational program at U of M. Although they enter practice as individuals, I trust that they understand they are also part of a larger group collectively that enjoys high public regard for honesty and ethical standards. May they earn their place in our profession through hard work and strive to enhance the prestige and reputation of our College and ultimately, the profession.
The Manitoba Dental Association is the statutory authorized regulatory body for dentists and dental assistants in the Province of Manitoba. On 25 March 2017, Dr. Ronald Walter Peterson voluntarily surrendered his licence to practice dentistry to the Complaints Committee of the Manitoba Dental Association.
The Committee accepted the voluntary surrender in accordance with subsection 25(1) of The Dental Association Act.
A voluntary surrender of licence is not a disciplinary action by the Committee within the terms of The Dental Association Act.
TAKE NOTICE that by the direction of the Board of Directors of the
Manitoba Dental Association effective 2nd day of June, 2017, DR. BAHMAN TAZANGI EDALATI was suspended from practising dentistry pursuant toSection 25.5(1) of The Dental Association Act pending the outcome of proceedings under that Act.
Dr. Edalati has been practising dentistry from Unit 10-A at 475-9th Street inthe City of Brandon, Manitoba.
The Manitoba Dental Association is the statutory authorized regulatory body for dentists and dental assistants in the Province of Manitoba.
DATED AT THE City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, this 2nd dayof June, 2017.
Registrar, Manitoba Dental Association

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