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President’s Message
Looking out my window this morning, it appears that spring
has sprung! Being a life-long resident of Manitoba, a historical perspective would tell me that we are in for almost a couple more months of winter before any fresh blades of grass decide to peek out at us from amongst the dirty piles of disappearing snow. However, for the moment, I have decided to bask in the glory of the illusion of spring, for it reminds me of what is soon to become reality!
It was my absolute honour to be installed as President of the Manitoba Dental Association at the 133rd Annual Meeting, held January 26-28, 2017. My past four years of service to the Board have come and gone so quickly, that it was with a touch of the surreal that I found myself congratulating Dr. Carla Cohn on completion of her immensely successful year as President at our AGM, and then accepted the transfer of responsibility to myself. Carla has been a truly digni ed stateswoman and a very knowledgeable representative for the MDA in all her dealings with issues in Manitoba and abroad. Fortunately, I was able to accompany her to several meetings throughout the year, which will enable me to carry on in her footsteps. I hope to incorporate the grace and composure she modeled as I go forward into 2017, and I look forward to
her continued wise counsel at the board table, in her position as Past President. Congratulations also go out to my classmate and colleague Dr. Nancy Auyeung (hooray for the Class of ’92!), who leaves our board a er six energetic years of service. Nancy remains a member of the board of directors for the Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation, and she chairs the Continuing Competency committee. Although she has o cially completed
her term as past president, her passion for organized dentistry will doubtless continue to be a guiding light to our organization.
In the spirit of continued growth and evolution of our Association, our Board recently welcomed Dr. Anastasia Cholakis as a newly-elected District #1 representative, and she attended her
 rst Board meeting this past January. She brings a whole host of perspectives to Board issues from her position as an associate professor within the division of Periodontology at the University
of Manitoba, in combination with extensive private practice experience. Rounding out the board, besides myself, our elected dentist members include Dr. Michael Cuthbert (who assumes the position of vice president), Dr. Cory Sul, Dr. David Goerz, Dr. Marc Mollot, and Dr. Carla Cohn (past president).  e board meeting and the Annual General Meeting kicked o  another very successful Annual Convention this year. Convention Chair Dr. Pat Kmet and her Convention Committee are to be commended, yet again, on their exceptional organization of this event.  e sta  at the MDA are not to be forgotten, and a big thank you goes out to the foot soldiers who tirelessly work to pull it all together: Linda Berg, Sarah Harvey, Cheryl Du y, Diane McDonald, and the inimitable Director of Public Relations, Pamela McFarlane.  is group stitched together a fabulous meeting with some top-notch speakers, who presented to
a crowd of 1,934 dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental therapists, students, and o ce support sta . Congratulations, all!
Last week, a letter came across my desk. A very pleasant surprise, it was from Dr. Ralph Crawford, congratulating me on becoming the 93rd President of the Manitoba Dental Association. His kind words
were accompanied by a list of dentists who had served as president since 1884. 1884! He reminded me that Dr. J. L. Benson was the  rst practicing dentist in Manitoba, arriving in 1877. Our association has been here, as the governing body for Manitoba dentists and dental assistants, since its inception in 1883. Dr. Benson oversaw development of the association while serving as president for the ensuing seven years.
Our association continues to provide both regulatory guidance for protection of Manitobans and membership services for dentists
and dental assistants.  ank you to Dr. Benson for getting us on
our feet, and to the other 91 presidents who continued to helm the ship to where we are today. At present, our profession continues to “wait in line” as our Government currently examines the professions of Nursing and Medicine, in its mission to bring all self-regulated professions under the Regulated Health Professions Act. As a
result of the RHPA, the MDA, as it currently stands now, will be required to become two separate organizations: the Manitoba Dental Association will become a strictly membership services organization, and a separate body (which will be titled “ e College of Dentists of Manitoba”) will become the regulatory body.  ere is no de nite future timeline for these changes; the MDA will continue to bring you updates as they become available.
My calendar has certainly  lled up this year with the responsibilities of representing our profession at both provincial and national
levels.  e month of March brings the Paci c Dental Conference in Vancouver, BC, where I am excited to be attending the University of Manitoba’s College of Dentistry’s annual Alumni Reception. It will be held on  ursday, March 9, from 6-8 PM, in Oceanview Suite 1-3 (Pan Paci c Hotel). I look forward to seeing some grads from “years gone by”—if you  nd yourself in that neck of the woods, please drop in to say hello!  e CDA’s Annual General Meeting will be held in Ottawa, from April 19-21.  is is an opportunity to liase with our provincial and territorial counterparts from across the country. It’s always interesting and bene cial to speak with colleagues on how they are managing various issues—we do share a lot of common ground, and the exchange of information helps us all to come up with solutions to bring back to our member dentists at home.
Speaking of home, I’d like to take a moment to let you know about “Sharing Smiles Day”, which will take place on Saturday, April 8.  is day is an initiative of Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH),
which is a Federal Non-Pro t Organization led by the students and faculty from numerous faculties of Dentistry from across Canada. Its mission is to advocate, educate and improve the oral health care for persons with special needs. Sharing Smiles Day will take place again this year at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba, at 10 a.m. in the Brodie Atrium (727 McDermot Avenue). If you are interested in attending, volunteering, or sponsoring
this event, you may contact the Winnipeg chapter of OHTH at
Later on in April, the MDA will be partnering with  e Never Alone Foundation in hosting an Oral Cancer Screening Day.  is event will be held again this year on Saturday, April 29, from 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. at Polo Park Shopping Centre’s community centre booth (located by  e Bay).  is is a great opportunity to come out and

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