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As we transition into Autumn of 2017, I am sitting down to write this and wondering where the summer has gone. I hope you have managed to make some time to enjoy the beautiful weather we have had and maybe taken in a few of the great things Manitoba has to o er during the summer months—the Folk Festival, the Fringe Festival, Folklorama, and Rainbow Stage, but to name a few of the big ones.  e folks at the MDA o ces have continued to be quite busy over the past several months as well.
I wanted to “dedicate” this piece to the many volunteers who take on the task of committee work for our organization.  ere is a lot of work going on “behind the scenes” which keeps this association functioning smoothly, ultimately leading to the promotion of good oral health for Manitobans.  e thousands of volunteer hours that go into running this organization is remarkable.  is truly is a body of professionals run by its members; we couldn’t manage without you! So to all of the committee chairs and members who put in time reviewing by-laws, terms of reference, budgets, and the many various issues associated with each committee, stand up and take a bow: your number one fan applauds you and your drive to see your profession thrive and succeed.
 ere is one particular group that I have seen working hard throughout the summer months that I would like to recognize. May I be so bold as to bring your attention to the ladies and gentlemen who put in countless hours serving the public in their capacity as the Peer Review Committee.  is is a group of devoted individuals who spend many, many hours ensuring that our mandate of “Protection of the Public” is enforced. Special thanks goes out to the few trained investigators who review public concerns and delve deep into documents in order to thoroughly investigate claims brought forward by both public and professionals. Two remarkable women of note are Drs. Lori Stephen-James and Jean Bodnar. I cannot count the number of times I have come and gone from the MDA o ces where I have seen them working as I come in, and they’re o en
still at it when I leave.  ese “super human” individuals generously give of their time while they continue to practice dentistry in their communities. Words cannot express how grateful I am.
Your MDA Board has also been meeting above and beyond our regularly scheduled board meetings.  is is another group of volunteers who hasn’t hesitated to come together at the MDA o ces upon a moment’s notice. I am pleased to share with you that this most ethical, intelligent, committed and focused group of people has worked through some very di cult issues this summer. Many of them brought their phones along on their summer holidays and didn’t hesitate to engage in thoughtful discussion and respond as required to issues that don’t recognize the term “vacation”. Rest assured that your elected o cials have worked very hard to keep the dental world “on-track”, again with the goal of managing
public protection within the legal framework of Manitoba and our organization.
Over the summer, the MDA was faced with an enormous challenge following the resignation of our Registrar. I want to take time in
this editorial to publicly thank Dr. Marcel Van Woensel for his service to both the dental community and the public of Manitoba. A er a stellar 10-plus years of tenure, Dr. Van Woensel has decided to step back and excuse himself from his intense public service schedule. I have the greatest respect for this gentleman. His gi  for communication, his skill at negotiation, and his insight into the interpretation of “legalese”, combined with his understanding of
the issues associated with the regulation of our profession is a skill set likely unmatched across the country. Indeed, he has forged new relationships amongst dental regulators across Canada, and has helped to establish many of the current agreements within various national bodies up to and including the CDA. Along with all the others at the MDA o ces, I wish to express our utmost gratitude over his dedication to the profession on both the local and national levels, and we wish him well in his next endeavors. We are currently in the process of developing search criteria for the position of Registrar and will begin the recruiting process soon.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a terri c job Dr. Patti Ling is doing in her role as Registrar at the present time. Dr. Ling has picked up where Dr. VanWoensel has le  o , and has done
so with great care and consideration towards maintaining the
high standards set by her predecessor. She has certainly brought herself up to speed on matters of regulatory signi cance and has represented Manitoba well at the national level.  ank you, Dr. Ling, for your ongoing e orts—the dentists of Manitoba can rest assured that they are in good hands!
On July 18, 2017, Canada’s federal Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, announced the release of a consultation paper and dra  legislation which, if enacted, will have a dramatic impact on the taxation
of Canadian private corporations and business structures that Canadian entrepreneurs have had in place for decades. An announcement was expected, as the federal government had indicated in its 2017 Budget that proposals would be put forward to address perceived inequities in the Canadian corporate tax system. However, the scope of the proposals went beyond the expectations of most tax professionals and will a ect most Canadian business owners who carry on business through a private corporation.
 e CDA has been busy investigating the repercussions of this announcement and preparing a response to government in defense of small business owners such as dentists.  e MDA will be sharing this information with you shortly, if not already by the time this Bulletin is published.
I was pleased to attend the annual MDA “Welcome to the Profession” dinner this past week. I was able to meet many of the  rst year dental students and the wonderful group of dentists who will be volunteering their time as mentors to these newest members of our community.  e students have been back at the College of Dentistry for several weeks already a er a brief summer break. I look forward to watching them grow into competent professionals and I’d like to thank the dentists who have decided to mentor them along the way—more of that volunteer spirit that makes Manitoba so special, in my opinion!
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