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E-Alert                                                                                       March 18, 2021

Message from the President - Dr. Chris Cottick

March 17 marks the one-year anniversary of what will no doubt go down in recent history as the most challenging of our times. COVID has been at the forefront of all the world’s thoughts for this last year. The response to this pandemic by the dental profession in Manitoba has been nothing short of complete and heroic. From amazing efforts to provide continuing dental care, to their patients, to reorganizing the practice of dentistry one gown at a time, supporting each other with knowledge and social connection and then topping it off with unbelievable volunteerism to the cause of public vaccination. This year has been difficult but has shown some of the best of the profession.

As we wait for the other shoe of the variant explosion to drop, dentistry in Manitoba must be prepared to continue with all the tiring but critical COVID measures with which we have become unfortunately all too familiar. I have no doubt that we will continue to lead by example and participate in the vaccination effort both giving and receiving this critical piece of the worldwide public health effort to control these viruses and help push the world back to normalcy whenever that is possible.

Please continue to be the best we can as a profession and stay the course of protecting our patients, our staff, our families and the rest of Manitoba with carrying on supporting the public health system which is the key to our healthy COVD free future.

See the latest updated MDA Pathway and Interim IPC Guidance for Patient Care during the COVID-19 Response attached to this message, watch for and participate in the upcoming survey of MDA members on vaccination rates of dental personnel.