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E-Alert                                                               January 21, 2021

Dentists as Vaccinators for COVID 19

Message from the President                                                            

Earlier today I spoke with Dr. Joss Reimer, Medical Lead - COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Task Force, Public Health MB and we had a discussion related to a piece published earlier this week in the Winnipeg Free Press regarding an anonymous dentist with strong words related to their personal experience as a part of the vaccination team at the RBC super-centre in Winnipeg.

Although I could not comment on the individual’s experience on that day, l took the opportunity to reinforce our community’s commitment and enthusiasm to being part of the public health efforts toward solutions to our interdisciplinary pandemic response. 

“My personal experience, and the experience I am hearing from many other members who are involved, is that delivering vaccines as a part of this team has been very positive. I am sure that delivery efficiency and practitioner comfort will likely improve as we collectively gain more experience, in particular with some of the clerical challenges of mobilizing this team. We realize that this is an unprecedented undertaking."

Dr. Reimer reiterated that the entire Public Health team are very grateful for the strong support from the dental community through our many initiatives, including the COVID-19 response. The vaccination efforts will take many months and should a larger and more consistent supply of vaccines become available, the vaccination team may be called upon in greater numbers. 

There is no requirement for MDA members to participate in the vaccination efforts and only those who can manage the additional commitment should do so. We must remain patient with the health authorities as they are managing a large-scale deployment that is still in its early days. 

Since 1883, the MDA has been working hard to maintain the ongoing trust that Manitobans continue to have in their dentist led teams. Please direct any media requests to the MDA through our CEO Mr. Rafi Mohammed,

Stay well,

Marc Mollot, BSc, DMD
President and Chair of the Board
Manitoba Dental Association

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