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Types of DenturesCu-Sil

The Cu-Sil denture has holes for natural teeth. These holes are surrounded by a gasket of stable silicone rubber that hugs the natural teeth and allows the rest of the denture to rest against the gums giving the benefit of suction in addition to the mechanical stability offered by the immobility of the natural teeth. 

These are especially useful in situations in which the remaining teeth are on the same side or area of the arch.  Even a single remaining tooth in the arch can increase the stability of the entire denture several hundred percent over a completely edentulous (no teeth) arch.  

They are advertised mostly as transitional dentures, meaning that they are especially recommended when the remaining teeth are likely to be lost (eventually) for any reason, or in cases where stable teeth are poorly distributed about the dental arch.


  • A Cu-Sil denture can stabilize loose teeth and, with care, can extend their lives
  • It is easy to replace lost natural teeth on the Cu-Sil denture
  • The Cu-Sil denture can be relined like any other standard denture
  • The Cu-Sil denture can eventually be transformed into a regular full denture if you lose all your natural teeth


  • Cu-Sil dentures are not the best solution for people with numerous, evenly distributed, stable natural teeth
  • If you ¬†grind your teeth, the lower Cu-Sil dentures are prone to breakage, especially if the remaining natural teeth are located in the front of the arch.  This is because the holes that allow the penetration of the natural teeth weaken the architecture of a lower denture

Note: If you wish to find a dentist who will make you a Cu-Sil denture, you may be able to get a referral from one of the 125 dental laboratories throughout the US and Canada who make them. To find a dental lab that has experience with this product, you may contact the manufacturer of the resins:

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