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Some authentic advice about your false teeth
Dentists “do” dentures and everything necessary to plan, fit, adjust and care for your complete or partial denture and dentures with implants. Before anyone else makes you a denture, the law requires that a dentist or medical doctor must perform an oral examination and sign a certificate of oral health. Dentists are the only health professionals uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat the gums and surrounding tissues, as well as check for oral cancer.

The truth about what to expect from dentures
We all know denture wearers that have no problems and are happy with their dentures. It would be nice to be able to promise this outcome to everyone. However, every patient is different. Many mouths do not have the potential for a well functioning denture. The longer one has been without teeth the less potential there is.

Research and experience have shown that a patient’s ability to adapt to the challenges associated with wearing dentures can be as important, or even more important, than how well the dentures fit. Knowing this, and the circumstances of your specific case, can be helpful in persevering and learning to function happily with your new dentures.

When you get new dentures:

  • It may take a long time before you are completely comfortable with your new dentures
  • They may require quite a lot of adjusting to make them function just right. The fee for dentures generally includes all the adjustments you need during the first three months
  • Eating and speaking may be different and difficult at first. Practise, practise, practise
  • Expect to have challenges with them and be prepared to persevere. Going without or using previous dentures may prevent you from getting used to new dentures altogether
  • Your new dentures are fit to the shape your mouth has now. Over time, the shape of your mouth will change and your dentures will need to be relined. There is generally a separate fee for relining dentures

Improving your dentures with dental implants
Dental implants can be thought of as a replacement for the lost roots of a tooth or teeth. Implants provide a means of holding a denture in place to improve your function and comfort. They remove many of the challenges associated with wearing dentures by providing the best fitting and functioning dentures available to you.