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Welcome to the Dental office

What to expect on your first visit.

Your first visit, based on your individual needs, will require an examination in order to develop a customized treatment plan. This can involve an evaluation of all extra-oral (outside the mouth) and intra-oral (inside the mouth) structures.

Specific information will be required from you at your initial visit. First, an accurate medical history is essential to assure treatment is carried out in an appropriate manner that will not compromise your well-being. It is important to be as factual as possible and list all allergies, prescription and non-prescription medications and other relevant medical history. Secondly, a detailed dental history can help focus on a comprehensive treatment plan. An explanation of both negative and positive experiences can be helpful. Finally, an evaluation of your own teeth/smile can shed light as to your expectations and wishes. You may be asked what you like about your teeth/smile and what you would like to have changed or improved. Your input is important.

Often treatment needs exist for conditions that have no symptoms. These conditions may contribute to a slow deterioration of the teeth, gums, and overall dental health that should be addressed. The initial examination of the mouth can identify the presence of these conditions but additional diagnostic procedures are required to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

A number of diagnostic aids to complete the assessment of the patient's oral health may be required:

Help your dentist detect, diagnose and plan treatment for problems long before they become visible to the naked eye. These problems could include cavities, gum disease, teeth that are impacted, abscesses, and infections that have formed at the roots of badly decayed teeth, fractured teeth or bone abnormalities.

Periodontal exam
Helps determine the health of gum and bone (the foundation).

Dental models
Help to evaluate the bite, crowding, spacing, and esthetics.

Your dentist will gather all of the information collected and present you with a comprehensive treatment plan customized to your individual needs. With the presentation of the treatment plans, a fee estimate will usually be prepared. For patients with dental insurance, a predetermination of benefits may be prepared to send to their insurance carriers, to see which parts of the treatment will be covered by their dental plan.

If you have any questions whatsoever, talk to your dentist. We care about you and your teeth.

This information courtesy of your Manitoba Dentist.