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resources are being directed by the MDA to make the regulatory transition as simple and seamless as possible.
 e  rst transition steps have begun to align bylaws, activities and terms of reference with expectations of  e Act while remaining consistent with  e Dental Association Act.
 e MDA has been attending meetings and engaging in discussions with representatives of the Fairness Commissioner’s O ce. Ensuring our registration practices are communicated in plain language and developing reporting templates to coordinate information important for the Commissioner’s work has been our primary focus.
 e MDA has facilitated and supported e orts by the Fairness Commissioner’s O ce to assist graduates of unaccredited dental training programmes in gaining access to recognized assessment programmes and the opportunity for practice.
In the fall of 2016, a review of MDA registration practices with the O ce of the Fairness Commissioner was undertaken, in addition to 16 other professional organizations.  e report is now available to the public on the Fairness Commissioner’s website.  e MDA will work with the Fairness Commis- sioner’s O ce on an ongoing basis to improve registration practices in the public interest.
Many thanks to Dr. Marcel Van Woensel who was instrumental in developing this document and creating these relationships.
 ank you to Dr. Anthony Iacopino and the College of
Dentistry for their support in addressing regulatory issues.  is support for, and communication about e ective and fair regulatory policies will in the long term bene t both the Faculty and the profession.
Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation (CDRAF)  e MDA continues to work through its representatives with other dental regulators to maintain a fair and consistent registration process that allows interprovincial portability.
Dr. Nancy Auyeung, the current MDA CDRAF representative has submitted her report on the changes within CDRAF governance.
 e Registrars, and the Secretary L’Ordres du Quebec are the Board members of CDRAF going forward and will be the working group of this national regulatory body, with input and guidance from each dental regulatory authority (DRA). Council members from each DRA may attend Board meet- ings as observers only (non-voting).  e  rst meeting of 2018 will be in February in Montreal.
Dr. Diane Legault, has resigned as Executive Director a er a two year term to take a position with the Government of Que- bec. A search is ongoing to  nd a new Executive Director.
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank
Dr. Van Woensel for his support and guidance during my transition to Registrar. He is a hard act to follow, but I shall do my best with the help and guidance of Mr. Ra  Mohammed and the dedicated sta  at the MDA.
Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Patti Ling, BSc, DDS, MSc, Registrar
Scope of Practice and Delegation of Duties Committee Report
 e Scope of Practice and Delegation of Duties Committee is comprised of the following members:
1. Chairperson appointed by the MDA Board;
2. One member appointed by the MDA Registrar;
3. One MDA sta  member;
4. One member general dentist appointed by the MDA
5. One member specialist dentist appointed by the MDA
6. One member dental assistant appointed by the MDAA
7. One registered dental therapist appointed by the MDTA
8. One member appointed by the Faculty of Dentistry;
9. One member appointed by the Accredited Dental Assistant
Programmes heads;
10. One representative of the Provincial Oral Health Dental
In the fall of 2016 the Manitoba Dental Association Board mandated the Scope of Practice Committee to visit the Scope of Practice Document from 2010. With the upcoming Regulated Health Professions Act in mind, the Board asked the committee to draw up a report focusing on the restricted activities of O ce Trained Auxiliaries, Registered Dental Assistants and Registered Dental  erapists. Our  rst focus was on the Registered Dental Assistants and in early 2017 the Registered Dental Assistants By-Law was introduced and passed.  e Committee will be meeting in early 2018
to address O ce Trained Auxiliaries and Registered Dental  erapists and their restricted activities.
Respectfully submitted Dr. Carmine Scarpino, Chair

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