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During the summer months, we were faced with an enormous challenge to  nd the right candidate to replace
Dr. Marcel Van Woensel, following his resignation from the position of Registrar. I would like to take the opportunity to once again thank him for his service, and to recognize the many marked accomplishments that he achieved during his 10-year term in this position—he continues to be held in high regard amongst his peers both at home and across our great nation. Dr. Patricia Ling transitioned fearlessly from the position of Deputy Registrar to become our Acting
Registrar, and we came to know her better as she attended regular executive meetings around the Board table at the MDA. With an eye to recruiting a new Registrar, an extensive Canada-wide search yielded a talented pool of candidates, following which a full day of interviews was carried out. I am pleased to announce that a er this lengthy process, the MDA o cially welcomed Dr. Ling as our new Registrar at the end of 2017.
During the summer, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the launch of consultations on tax planning regarding private corporations. Consultations were held between government and the public, regarding proposals for changes in business structure and taxation of private corporations. In November, the MDA hosted a Tax Forum on Professional Corporations for 150-plus attendees, featuring presentations from representatives of MNP and CDSPI on how the proposed changes, due to take e ect on January 1, 2018, will a ect dental corporations. Dr. Michael Sullivan, Chair of the Economics Committee, detailed how the MDA collaborated with the Canadian Dental Association in advocating on behalf of dentists and their professional c orporations.
 e Manitoba Dental Foundation continues to be the “uni ed centre of professional philanthropy for the dentists of Manitoba”. Over the past two years, the MDF has dispersed funds to needy organizations, in keeping with their mission
statement.  ese gi s to those in need are possible largely through the generosity of Manitoba dentists.  e MDA continues to support the MDF and recognizes the kind donations made by our members.
 e MDA continues to meet and collaborate with other colleagues across the province, including the O ce of the Fairness Commissioner, the Manitoba Association of Health Regulators & Colleges, the Opioid Prescribing Working Group, the Winnipeg Dental Society, and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, to name a few. We provide valued insight to the committees and continue to advocate for the oral health of Manitobans.
A large “ ank You” goes out to the many, many MDA volunteers who continue to serve our Association.  is organization would not exist if it weren’t for you.  ere are more than twenty recognized committees of the MDA,
and there are many more individuals who comprise these committees. Additionally, there are even more individuals who give of their time to represent Manitoba on National committees across Canada. It has truly been an honour and a privilege to act as President of the Manitoba Dental Association for 2017-2018. Words cannot express my gratitude to the members of the Board for their hard work and valued counsel throughout the past year. I’d like to take
a moment to formally recognize the Sta  of the Manitoba Dental Association for their continued “behind the scenes” work: Linda, Pamela, Cheryl, Sarah, and Diane, you deserve your very own standing ovation. Patti and Ra , your quiet guidance will be forever remembered; thank you from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, thank you to my husband Jonathon for his support, especially over the past year. “You don’t choose your family.  ey are God’s gi  to you, as you are to them.” (Desmond Tutu)
My Very Best Regards, Catherine Dale
Fluoride Strategy Working Group Report
The Fluoride Strategy Working Group is a collaborative effort of the various oral health organizations in Manitoba. Representatives of the involved organizations met several times throughout 2017.
 e Fluoride Strategy Working Group is a collaborative e ort of the various oral health organizations in Manitoba. Representatives of the involved organizations met several times throughout 2017.
 e Fluoride Strategy Working Group monitors the issues surrounding community water  uoridation and develops appropriate responses and actions to protect this important public health initiative. Informational
materials have been developed to support one to one patient discussions, discussions with people of in uence within a ected communities and presentations to groups. Any oral health professional in a position to provide supported scienti c information to community leaders can get help and guidance they may need from the Fluoride Strategy Working Group.
 e goal is to prevent or reverse decisions to discontinue community
water  uoridation and the deleterious e ect such decisions have on vulnerable populations. 2017 committee members Dr. Khalida Hai-Santiago and Dr. Doug Brothwell supported the Municipal tradeshows with the Manitoba Municipalities Association in April in Winnipeg where they were able to talk to community leaders directly.
Respectfully submitted Ms. Pamela McFarlane, Working Group member

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