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 is fall, a review of MDA registration practices with the O ce of the Fairness Commissioner was undertaken.  e report will be available on Fairness Commissioner’s website in the new year.  e MDA will work with the Fairness Commissioner’s O ce on an ongoing basis to improve registration practices in the public interest.
College of Dentistry
I would like to express my appreciation to the Dean,
Dr. Anthony Iacopino and College for their support in addressing regulatory issues. His support of the need for and communication about e ective regulatory policies will in the long term bene t both the Faculty and the profession.
Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation (CDRAF)
 e MDA continues to work through its representatives with other dental regulators to maintain a fair and consistent registration process that allows interprovincial portability.
Dr. Nancy Auyeung, the current MDA CDRAF representative, was re-elected to the CDRAF management group. With the new CDRAF executive director - Dr. Diane Legault, CDRAF is undertaking a strategic planning process to improve the focus and direction of the organization.
Dr. Marcel Van Woensel
MDA General Practice Study Club Report
The MDA General Practice Study Club developed from anecdotal discussions identifying that many dentists credited a strong early practice experience as foundational to success as their careers progressed.
 e General Practice Study Club is
for dentists within the  rst  ve years
of graduation or registration with the Manitoba Dental Association.  e
club is also open to dentists trained outside of Canada seeking licensure
in Manitoba but not eligible for the MDA dental student mentorship program.  e goal is to provide a
forum for practice and career support, engagement with colleagues and the profession as well as guidance towards
a successful career for as many dentists as possible in the early stages of their careers.  e General Practice Study Club meets several evenings and one Saturday a year. Small discussion groups facilitated by experienced general dentists discuss and explore areas of dentistry suggested by the participants.  ere is no cost to MDA members participating in the General Practice Study Club and continuing education
credit is provided. Once again, the
kick o  dinner and meetings were well attended and well received.
For 2017, the GPSC Planning Committee is investigating means of achieving even greater participation
in the General Practice Study Club.  ere are plans for expanded outreach to eligible participants. We are discussing study club meetings timed to accommodate an even wider array
of schedules common in today’s dental practices and establishing regular meetings outside of Winnipeg.
We will be asking principal dentists to encourage their associates to participate in the study club along with other continuing education programs. It is important that those of us working with dentists eligible for GPSC participation relay the value of continuing education and recognize that it is not only mandatory but has bene ts to the
dentist and the practice that far out way the investment of time away from the practice.
 ank you to the General Practice Study Club Planning Committee members, especially those committee members for whom the club is intended, who evaluate, discuss and improve the club on an ongoing basis to create as much value as possible for those taking advantage of this unique opportunity.
If you are eligible to participate in the MDA General Practice Study Club or know someone who is please feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to discussing it with you. To register for the club please contact the MDA o ce or simply respond with a “will attend” to the next club meeting notice.
Dr. Joel Antel, GPSC Planning Committee Chair

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