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Registrar’s Report
The Manitoba Dental Association is the organization authorized by statute to register and license dental assistants and dentists in the Province of Manitoba. Our enabling legislation is The Dental Association Act.
Currently we license dentists, register intra-oral dental assistants and review dental nurse therapists’ credentials who graduated from Wascana Institute (SIAST 1975-88).
Registration and Licensure
32 dentists and 114 dental assistants were newly registered and licensed/certi ed with the MDA.  ere are currently 718 dentists and 1296 dental assistants licensed in the Province of Manitoba.
 e bylaw for registration and certi cation of dental assistants has been revised to improve consistency with other bylaws, our legislation and fair registration practices.
Revisions to the public registry and information on the registration process are ongoing.  e pharmacological behaviour management public rosters and practice restrictions will be revised if changes to that bylaw are approved have been completed.
Peer Review
 e Chair of the Committee - Dr. Lori Stephen-James - has provided her report and the statistical information about the activity of the Committee can be accessed in that report.
 e Complaints Committee has access to an investigator to support the volunteers in their investigations.
Ms. Donamae Hilton - my long su ering peer review administrator - has retired. I would like to welcome Ms. Sarah Harvey to the role. Both have made the transition seamless for peers, members and me.
Continuing Competence
 e Chair of the Committee has provided her report.  e bylaw for continuing competency of dental assistants has been revised to improve consistency with other bylaws and expand opportunities for self study.
 e standardized programme approval process for continuing education courses is functioning well. A standardized process for recognition of study clubs is in process.
Members are reminded that they are responsible to ensure that any continuing education programme complies with bylaw requirements if they wish to have it recognized for credit.
I would like to recognize the e orts of Ms. Linda Berg
and Ms. Diane McDonald for their e orts to improve communication with members and streamline the process.
Of ce Assessment
 e Chair of the Committee - Dr. Allan Cogan - has provided his report.  e Committee is e ectively engaged in monitoring and directing the process.
Ms. Linda Berg is the Director of Facility Assessments. E orts continue on developing our system, process and documents.  is is an ongoing e ort with improvements to the process and its timeliness key e orts for 2017. I would like to express my appreciation for the input and patience of the auditors and members in these early implementation stages.
 e website is maintained by Dr. Amarjit Rihal and is an excellent resource for members in preparing for reviewing their practice policies and the o ce assessment process.
E orts to develop new resources and methods of communications are being planned, integrating technology to streamline report dra ing and reduce current timelines
The Regulated Health Professions Act
With the introduction of regulations for speech language pathologists and audiologists,  e Regulated Health Professions Act ( e Act) was proclaimed on 01 January 2014.  ere is an expectation that registered nurses, physicians and surgeons will come under the legislation in 2017.
It will still be some time before regulations are developed to replace  e Dental Association Act, but signi cant time and resources are being directed by the MDA to make the regulatory transition as simple and seamless as possible.
 e  rst transition steps have begun to align bylaws, activities and terms of reference with expectations of  e Act while remaining consistent with  e Dental Association Act.
The Fair Registration Practices Act
 e MDA has been attending meetings and engaging
in discussions with representatives of the Fairness Commissioner’s O ce. Ensuring our registration practices are communicated in plain language and developing reporting templates to coordinate information important for the Commissioner’s work has been the primary focus of our discussions.
 e MDA has facilitated and supported e orts by the Fairness Commissioner’s O ce to assist graduates of unaccredited dental training programmes in gaining access to recognized assessment programmes and the opportunity for practice.

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