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I am pleased to be able to formally recognize and thank the excellent people at the Manitoba Dental Association o ces.  ese folks make up the motherboard of our group. Our Executive Director, Ra  Mohammed is always calm, cool, and collected. He is an encyclopedia of dental association information and is always willing and able to help guide the executive and membership e ortlessly. Marcel van Woensel, our Registrar, is our regulatory wizard. He is well educated, well versed and well spoken. Patti Ling is our Deputy Registrar and has the delicate task of receiving and responding to patient and community complaints and concerns. She is both diplomatic and patient. Pamela McFarlane our Director of Member and Public Relations, who joined us just over a year ago, wears many hats. She is always prepared with a suggestion or solution to any s ituation. Linda Berg, our Director of Facility Assessments and Continuing Competency, is busy making sure that our o ces meet acceptable standards and our continuing education is up to date. She always has a smile on our face and is delightful to work with. Our administrative sta , Cheryl Du y, Registration, Licensing and Dental Incorporations;
Sarah Harvey, Peer Review and Licensing Support Services; and Diane McDonald, Executive Secretary are all incredibly e cient and simply are the nicest people that you can meet. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at the MDA o ce throughout the year. I thank you for your work, your patience and your kindness.
And  nally coming full circle, our 133rd annual meeting and convention is upon us.  is year’s theme of Dentistry and All that Jazz is a fun musical journey with an educational line up that cannot be beat.  e convention, once again under guidance of chair, Dr. Pat Kmet, is a highlight of the year. A time to gain some knowledge, catch up with old friends, and enjoy the collegiality of our community
I thank you for this opportunity to act as President of the Manitoba Dental Association. I have learned so much and have gained much more than I have given.  is has been an outstanding year. Keep smiling.
Dr. Carla Cohn, D.M.D. President, MDA
Of ce Assessment Committee Report
 e O ce Assessment Committee met in May and November of 2016.  e committee’s focus this year has been to review and streamline documents and processes to create better e ciency in the administration of the o ce assessment activities.  ey have revised the preliminary report into a more user friendly document, as well as having approved a new format of the pre-visit questionnaire for use beginning in 2017. Most recently the committee reviewed recommendations from the Continuing Competency Committee regarding o ce speci c training for sta  who perform infection prevention and control procedures. Initial discussions on incorporating the review of member marketing practices as part of the o ce assessment process took place at the November meeting, however no decisions were made at that time.
 e Director of Facility Assessments has performed the following site visits:
O ce Assessment – 8
Nitrous Oxide Anaesthesia Audit & O ce Assessment – 10 IV/IM Anaesthesia Audit & O ce Assessment – 2
Nitrous Oxide & IV/IM Anaesthesia Audit and O ce As- sessment – 2
Four scheduled visits were deferred to 2017 due to unfore- seeable circumstances beyond the members’ control.
 e Committee would like to thank the Anaesthesia Audi- tors who provide many hours of support to the assessment process, as well as Dr. Mark Nepon who has been instru- mental in the development of an electronic customized audit checklist currently used for the on-site visits.
 e committee members would also like to thank the Registrar for his enduring support of the work of the o ce assessment committee.
Dr. Allan Cogan
Chair, O ce Assessment Committee

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