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Board of Directors
Dr. Michael Sullivan
Vice President
Dr. Nancy Auyeung
Past President
Dr. Amarjit Rihal
District 1 Rep
Dr. Cory Sul
District 1 Rep
Dr. Carla Cohn
District 1 Rep
Dr. Catherine Dale
District 2 Rep
Dr. Michael Sullivan
District 3 Rep
Dr. Michael Cuthbert
Province of MB
Ms. Barbara Borsch Ms. Janice Chase
Ms. Cheryse Laroque
Dental Assistant Rep
Ms. Londa Hiebert
MDA Staff
Executive Director Registrar
Marcel Van Woensel
Director of Facility Assessments
Linda Berg
Director of Member and Public Relations
Tammy Hildebrand
Administrator Registration, Licensing and IT Services
April Delaney
Administrator Peer Review & Licensing Support Services
Donamae Hilton
Receptionist/General Secretary
Diane McDonald
- Executive Director/Secretary Treasurer Dr. Marcel Van Woensel - Registrar, MDA
Dr. Anthony Iacopino - Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Alexander Mutchmor - Director, CDA
Ms. Linda Berg - Director of Facility Assessment
Ms. Tammy Hildebrand - Director of Member and Public Relations
2014 Annual Report

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