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President’s Message (continued)
Although these were preliminary discussions the government was very interested on our perspective and has made a commitment to look into these issues more seriously. Additionally, there were some significant improvements to our new two year agreement with Employment and Income Assistance. These include an increase in the yearly restorative maximum from $500 to $600, while also maintaining fees at 90% of the current MDA Fee Guide. Also, two units of scaling may be provided if required to those over the age of 18 without preauthorization. Dental sealants may now be provided on permanent first molars on children between the ages of 5 and 8. Furthermore, we continue to address the possibility of electronic submission and payment of claims.
In September we met with then Health Minister, the Honorable Erin Selby. We discussed the shortage of dentists in the North and possible solutions. At this meeting the Minister indicated that the government intends to roll out new Personal Care Home Standards for residents in long term care facilities in January of 2015. For the first time this will include an integrated care plan which includes mouth and denture care. An educational component for the delivery of this care will be incorporated in the overall plan. The Minister further committed to maintain dental treatments for persons with facial deformities and was keen on expanding dental treatment for individuals affected by cancer treatment. In an effort to strive on enhancing communication with the Minister’s office an informal agreement was made to meet yearly.
At the Canadian Dental Association’s Presidents and CEOs meeting in October, 2014 Dr. Paul Allison, Dean of Dentistry at McGill University, presented the Canadian Academy of Health Science’s Access to Care Report that he co-authored. The intent of his presentation was to have an informational and open discussion on the causes and possible solutions to the ongoing issue for the adequate delivery of dental services for all populations in Canada. It is hoped that this will be an initial step in a path to find long-term meaningful results. Currently
the CDA has two task forces that will be of interest. The first is The Practice Ownership and Patient Care Discussion Group report on dental corporatization. An interesting key finding of this task force stated that any time in the past where external financing was involved in the delivery of health care, patient care was put at risk because the protection of the patient’s interest was not placed first. This task force has been asked by the CDA to continue its work in helping to educate Canadian dentists on the potential implications of selling a dental practice to an outside corporate entity or becoming an associate within this entity. The second is a new task force created to review and provide information to the Assembly of First Nations on the parameters and policies of the NIHB dental program.
In the Fall of 2014, the MDA hosted two major events. The first was the All Committee Chairs Meeting. The purpose for this meeting was to provide background information on the activities of various committees and for committee chairs to become familiar with one another for ease of alignment of their activities. The other event was our Volunteer Appreciation Event. This created an opportunity for some collegial engagement and was simply a way of expressing our gratitude to our members for giving of their precious time and knowledge for the betterment of the public and the dental profession.
In closing, I would like to thank Rafi, Marcel, Linda, Tammy, April, Donamae and Diane for all of their hard work and dedication to the MDA. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you all. With the support of MDA Executive (Dr. Nancy Auyeung and Dr. Amarjit Rihal) and the entire MDA Board I have had an unforgettable year. Finally, I would like to thank the membership for the honour and privilege of allowing me to serve as your president.
Have a great day,
Dr. Mike Sullivan
President, Manitoba Dental Association

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