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Board of Directors 2017-2018

Dr. Catherine Dale

Vice President
Dr. Cory Sul

Past President 
Dr. Carla Cohn

District 1 Rep
Dr. Marc Mollot

District 1 Rep 
Dr. Anastasia Cholakis

District 2 Rep 
Dr. David Goerz

Province of MB
Mr. James Carvell
Ms. Janice Chase
Ms. Cheryse Laroque

Dental Assistant Rep
Ms. Sina Allegor-Sacco

Ex-Officio Officers

Mr. Rafi Mohammed - Executive Director / Secretary Treasurer

Dr. Patricia Ling - Acting Registrar, Manitoba Dental Association

Dr. Anothony Iacopino - Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Joel Antel – CDA Rep
Dr. Nancy Auyeung – CDRAF Rep
Ms. Linda Berg - Director or Facility Assessments & Continuing Education
Ms. Pamela McFarlane - Director of Member & Public Relations